My name is David Molloy.  I am our vice president strata council member.  We hired Carpe Diem to be our  landscaper about a year ago.  In  the past year  we  have learned that he is far superior to the ‘grass cutter’  we had before.  Gregg is a highly skilled landscaper who has  managed to bring our property  of  37  condos  into shape and beyond.  He is friendly and courteous to all residents and neighbors.  He  makes  suggestions  to keep the property  immaculate  and the trees, shrubs and plants healthy for every season.

 I highly recommend Carpe Diem to any property requiring landscaping services. 

 David Molloy


 "I am absolutely more than happy with your great workmanship and easy going attitude an absolute  pleasure to deal with and I will be  referring your  company to others for sure. You are definitely my

 'go-to' guy from here on out."

 Malonie Langthorne CEO Langthorneconsulting


 "I am putting my house on the market, so presentation is key...  My lawn was suffering and needed  desperate help. It was full of clover, old  grass and  weeds. When I heard that Gregg had started his own  business in Lawn Care, I called him with no hesitation.  I see Gregg as an  honest and loyal  person,  a person  who will go the extra mile to get the job done. My lawn has come back to life in a very short period  of  time. Thank You Gregg for all the  extras!"

 Sincerely, Petra Niemeyer 


 "I would like to highly recommended Gregg for an outstanding job he did in my garden.  Everything we  discussed was achieved within my  budget  and my garden has never looked better. Gregg puts a lot of  energy, effort and pride into his work."

 Val Malcolm


 "My name is Jody Graboski and I am writing a testimonial speaking to the services of Carpe Diem Lawn and  Yard Care. My wife surprised  me by hiring  Gregg Clark to finish many of the projects I had started in my  front yard, including stripping out the rock in all my planters to re  do the landscape fabric. It  had been  years  since I did this, and the weeds were coming through all over the place. In one day, Gregg pulled  out  the  excess rock, put down new  landscape fabric, cleaned the existing crushed granite rock, and went and  got  two more loads of rock  to trim out the beds. He also trimmed all the trees  and shrubs, re applied the  lawn  trim material, mowed the lawn and weeded the driveway  and cleaned it.

 These jobs would have taken me the rest of the summer to do on my own, as I have limited hours to spend  on my own property. The  greatest benefit to  me was peace of mind. Now when I pull into my driveway at  night, I can look at my front yard with pride, rather than  constantly be reminded of the many  jobs I still  have  to do.

 Carpe Diem did a beautiful job, recreating the look that was there when we originally landscaped many  years ago. My front yard looks  clean and neat,  and looks like I have spent many hours maintaining it.

 Gregg Clark and Carpe Diem Lawn and Yard Care were the perfect answer to my landscaping needs. We  would not hesitate to use them  again, or  recommend them to any of our friends. They came in, did the job  that was asked of them, (and more,) and left the place looking  clean and neat.  My  summer just got  measurably more pleasant, knowing I don’t have a major project to do during my off time.

 Many thanks to Carpe Diem, and my wife for hiring them! Please consider Carpe Diem for any landscaping  and yard work".

 Regards, Jody Graboski


 "Because I am not able to maintain my own yard due to health reasons, Gregg is taking care of it for me.  It  is such a joy to be able to look  outside my  window and see how beautiful it looks and never worry about it  being in a mess.  It is always neat and tidy and very pleasant  and peaceful to go outside  in my yard when it  is nice out.  Something I would never be able to do on my own.

 Thank you Gregg of Carpe Diem for taking such good care of my property!"

 Patricia Larson


 To Whom It May Concern:​

 It is a pleasure to write a letter of support for Gregg Clark of Carpe Diem, Lawn & Yard Care. Upon  interviewing Gregg he was chosen and  continues to  be a contracted landscaping provider by Abbotsford  Community Services Better at Home Program. Since his involvement  with the program he continues  to  have positive reviews from the clients who receive his services. Clients have also shared that they are  pleased with his ability to get the job done. He  is a reliable, committed and experienced landscaper that we  have been pleased to partner  with.

 Thank you,

 Karen Kenny

 Better at Home Program for Seniors

 Abbotsford Community Services